[Ficlet(s)] Hush





Presented by xianara || Starring: Miss A’s members, Song Jaerim [Actor], Zhoumi [SUPER JUNIOR-M], Choi Minho [SHINee], Lee Jongsuk [Actor] || Genre:Fluff(?), Comedy(?), Romance, Teen || Duration: 1288 words  || Rate:15 || Poster credit to ahracool in devianart


The story is purely mine. Idols, Actress, and Actors that used in this story belongs to their parents and agency. As an author I only borrow their name but not own them literally. This is a fiction, not a real story. If you find a similarity in reality, it’s just a coincidental.



Kisah Min, Fei, Jia,  dan Sooji akan memberitahumu bagaimana rasanya cinta yang semanis heotteok. Pernyataan cinta tak terduga yang dilakukan sepihak. Serta, ketepatan cinta untuk datang. Hah? Cinta?


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