The Streets

tho i am still on my college’s holiday but i think i cant be here all the time. my halmeoni already told me more than million times : “Stop it! Or say good bye to the laptop soon!” gee, she’s so scary. If you cant imagine how scary she is just remind the Gu Jun Pyo’s mother okay.


i think i know why she could do that kind of forced things to me. bcause she too much cared of me. okay i’m the bad grand-daughter dressed like the good girl only toward my harabeodji. #slapped# so, maybe soon i will take the first hiatus here in the mid of this month. right after my college’s activities will go as usual.

but dont worry. i will not let my friends and heroes here being alone and graving for the longing #whut. i will keep updating Wedding Dress (however it will take more time and totally gonna be longer) and present the special gift for KSF about to March 26th.

Just like the lyrics, those streets would never get separated us. yeah!

Good mornight :)!


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