[5th Project] The London’s Journal


The 5th project for her hidden longing to survive in London. This project summoning: miss A Bae Suzy, all Barclays Premiere League‘s Teams and Players, and also the special guests in every chapter.

In football, there is no giving up. Even for their physiotherapist.

Her heart was stung by those yearnings

Moreover the best pain killer such as Chlor Etil could not be vulnerable in defeating that feeling even just for a second.

Now, the runaway has been made up so clear, The London’s Journal would begin..

HAHA. setelah kelar dengan 18/7 series, saya balik lagi sama series bertabur sejuta impian dan keinginan terpendam saya Suzy di Britania Raya! So, Dreamers, let us tighten our seat belt and go to London!!!!!




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