[Collaboration] Oneshoot – 24 Hours

da first collaboration with Miss of Beat R!!! proudly present you a fiction with family and psychology genres!!! starring Miss A’s Bae Suzy and INFINITE’s Kim Myungsoo!!! please check it out 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

Kingdom of Suzy's Fanfiction


Miss of Beat R and xianara

Proudly present a debut collaboration-fiction

24 Hours

Starring Bae Suzy [Miss A] and Kim Myungsoo [INFINITE] | Genre AU, Family-life, Hurt/Comfort, Psychology, College-life | Length Oneshoot | Rating PG 15 | Disclaimer beside the story-line, we own nothing!!

Thanks For the Poster  to :

junnieart — HSG

July, 2015©


Well, even 1 second of your 24 hours is fine…

24 Hours by INFINITE –



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